Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g
Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g
Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g
Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g
Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g
Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g

Sweet Bossam Kimchi 450g

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Bossam Kimchi is traditionally served with bossam, a Korean dish consisting of boiled pork belly wrapped in lettuce or other leafy greens, along with various condiments. This kimchi is also cut into small pieces and includes shredded radishes, creating probiotics and giving it a refreshing and sweet taste. It requires more effort to produce compared to our other kimchi. Bossam Kimchi Ingredients


Probiotic in Bossam Kimchi 

Radishes are known to be rich in nutrients because they are packed with various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, all of which contribute to their nutritional value. Radishes inside bossam kimchi play a huge role in boosting probiotics!

Bossam kimchi's History

Varieties of kimchi have been developed and passed down through generations based on regional characteristics. Bossam kimchi, or "wrapped kimchi," from Gaeseong in Gyeonggi-do Province, was considered luxurious and served to kings. Thanks to its abundant ingredients, bossam kimchi is more nutritious than regular napa cabbage kimchi and was reserved for special occasions like banquets or holidays.


Reliable Kimchi

Preservatives are added to some imported kimchi in order to help prevent changes in the food's color, flavor or texture, delay rancidity, and maintain freshness. Also, a cabbage is sanitized before making kimchi , which mean that kimchi cannot be fermented and there is a lack of probiotics.

Comparison of Types of KoreaKimchi

Check different type of kimchi to choose the best kimchi for you

Korea Kimchi

Pairs well with All Dishes

Signature kimchi

No Radish

103Kj per 100g

Bossam Kimchi

Pairs Well with Meat Dishes

Sweet & Crunch

3% of Shredded Radishes

107Kj per 100g

Radish Kimchi

Pairs Well with Soup Dishes

Vitamins and Minerals

85% of Cube Radishes

90Kj per 100g

Wellbeing Kimchi

Pairs well with Light Dishes

Less Salty

1.5% of Shredded Radishes

107Kj per 100g

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