About Our Cabbage and Raddish

100% Grown
in Victoria

We got one cabbage seed called Matilda which was made in Korea in the past. We requested to graft the Matilda seed to the seed company in Australia and Korea. Then we got the grafted seed that was suitable to be regularly grown in Victoria, considering the factors of local climate and soil.


To find the suitable cabbage to make our kimchi

The best quality of Kimchi cabbage

The Kimchi cabbages grown using the Matilda seeds had similar features as the cabbages grown in the highlands (450m-750m above sea level, in cool climates) in South Korea. Unlike the watery and wasabi flavoured Yuki Cabbage, it contained a sweet, strong and crunchy flavour which we believed was the perfect ingredient to make the traditional Korean Kimchi.


About Kimchi Cabbage

The cabbage that is used to make Kimchi is commonly called Chinese cabbage, Napa cabbage or Wombok. The cabbage growing in Korea used to be classified as Chinese cabbage in the Codex food classification. But since 2012, it has been classified as Kimchi Cabbage.

The Cabbage used to make Korea Kimchi are grafted seeds originated from Korea. Therefore we call this cabbage, Kimchi cabbage instead of calling it Chinese cabbage.