Easy kimchi recipe | how to make kimchi at home

We would like to introduce Kimchi paste (sauce) to make your own kimchi as well as Korean dishes so that you can save your time in a kitchen.
There are behind stories regarding this paste. In our company, we provide lunch sometimes. one day, we used kimchi paste to make pork potato soup. It was so easy to make it for everyone and was so delicious. after that, we tried to make different dishes with this sauce.
This item is exactly the same sauce we use (mat kimchi, pogi kimchi, spring onion kimchi, wellbeing kimchi, and radish). You also can get homemade kimchi. Please follow our simple recipes :)

Cook time: 130mins

Serves: 2~3 pp



Wombok (chinease cabbage) 1kg, kimchi paste 2 TB and salt half of cup



1) Chop it up into bite size pieces
2) Put cabbages into a bowl and sprinkle salt (half of cup)
3) Pour some cold water into the bowl so cabbages can be soaked and then leave it for around 60mins
4) Rinse cabbages with cold water and drain water
5) Add kimchi paste 2 tablespoon and mix them
For fresh kimchi, you can have kimchi immediately, no need to wait. 
If you want to make kimchi fermented, leave mixed kimchi at room temperature for a day or 2 days. 
Enjoy handmade kimchi and boost your immunity!