Spicy chicken soup noodles(Dakaejang)

This chicken soup is more simple and easier to make than yukaejang wich is typical one people normally know. This soup can serve with stream rice but this time, we would like to introduce spicy chicken soup with noodles.
 Even we were surprised of this dish because the recipe calls for minimal ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish! Still flavorful and satisfying!
Prep time: 15mins
Cook time:15mins
Serves: 2 pp
kimchi paste 2 spoon, water 800ml, Chicken breast 1 and half sliced, kalguksu noodles, 1 onion, cabbage 300g, spring onion, chicken stock and any mushroom.
*You can buy this noodles from korean store*
1) Boil chicken breast in a pot until it cooks.
*Keep the water after boiling chicken breast*
2) slice onion, cut spring onion at finger size and cut cabbage as well
3) Boil noodles for 1mins (if add noodles straight away to the pot, the soup will be thicker) 
4) shred chicken breast
1) Boil water after boiling chicken in the pot and pour more 300ml
2) Add 1 chicken stock cube and add 2 spoons of kimchi paste
3) Add all vegetables and shredded chicken
4) Add some salt
5) Add noodles and boil it for 1min

Now, it is time to enjoy this dish!