Baechu Geotjeori (배추 겉절이)

Baechu Geotjeori (배추 겉절이)
Unlike traditional kimchi, baechu geotjeori is not fermented, so it has a crisp and refreshing flavor that is perfect for balancing out rich and savory dishes. It can also be customized by adding other ingredients such as carrots, radish, or cucumber to create a colorful and flavorful side dish.
how to make kimchi easily

Cook time: 15mins

Serves: 2~3 pp



Lettuce, kimchi paste 1 spoon, vinegar 1spoon, sugar 2 spoons and sesame oil 1 spoon.


1) Cut lettuce into small size and rinse in cold water
2) Drain water and leave it for a while
3) Put lettuce in the bowl and add all ingredients (1 tb of kimchi paste)
4) Mix them gently
5) Serve it with rice or meats (No need fermentation)