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Have you ever wondered what makes the kimchi you enjoy so delicious and flavorful? It all starts with the freshest ingredients, and at our cabbage farm in Victoria, we've been using the perfect cabbage for korean kimchi. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through our farm and show you how we use fresh ingredients to create the best kimchi you've ever tasted.

What Makes Our Cabbage Farm Special?

Yarra cabbage farm is not average farm. We have dedicated years to perfecting the art of cabbage cultivation, ensuring that every head of cabbage we grow is of the highest quality. We requested to graft the Matilda seed to the seed company in Australia and Korea. Then we got the grafted seed that was suitable to be regularly grown in Victoria, considering the factors of local climate and soil.


The Journey from Farm to Table

Once our cabbages are ready for harvest, they are carefully hand-picked and transported to our kimchi production facility in Melbourne Every week. 
Our kimchi-making process is a labor of love. We believe in preserving the traditional methods of kimchi preparation while incorporating modern techniques to ensure food safety and quality. Each cabbage is meticulously washed, salted, and fermented to perfection. We pay attention to every detail, from the precise amount of salt to the optimal fermentation temperature, to create a kimchi that is bursting with flavor.

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